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Blood Tests

Blood tests are brought to the lab at 11.30AM, so most tests (particularly kidney function and INRs for warfarin monitoring) should be done in the morning.

If you want to be checked for high cholesterol, you should be fasting for 14 hours before we take the blood. You may have water, but nothing else.

If you are due to see a specialist in the hospital, phone us and check if you should have bloods done a couple of weeks in advance so that they have the results to hand when seeing you, which is a more efficient use of your time. It can take up to two weeks to get the results of your PSA test, for your prostate, so make sure to attend in time.

We provide INR monitoring for patients who are taking warfarin.

You can phone us for your blood results between 14.00H and 15.00H any day. Our nurses give out the results. If you would prefer that we send you your results by text, please ask when you are giving blood so we can fill in a consent form and arrange it.  On days when it is exceptionally busy, we may start afternoon surgery earlier than normal; in these circumstances we can’t take phonecalls at the usual time but if you ring and leave a message at reception, we will ring you back in between appointments.