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Under 6’s

As of July 1st 2015, medical care has been free for those children under the age of 6 who have  registered with the HSE for the scheme.

In Ardfert Medical Centre, we don’t charge for consultations under the age of 6 weeks, provided that the mother has been our patient during her pregnancy. However, if your child needs to be seen elsewhere during this time, you will likely be charged a fee.

After the age of 6 weeks, a consultation fee applies unless your child has an under 6 card.

As part of the scheme, checks at two and five years of age are also covered to ascertain height, weight and exposure to cigarette smoke.

To apply for the card visit:

In order to register your child or children you will need the following information:

The PPS number of the child’s parent or guardian
Your email address

The PPS number of the child  you wish to register.
If you do not have a PPS number and your baby is under two months of age, you can register by leaving the PPS number blank. If you leave the PPS number blank, the HSE will write to you separately to acquire the PPS number.

Once you complete the registration process, details are sent to us to approve your application. When we have confirmed the application, a GP Visit Card will be issued to all eligible children within a few days.

The under 6 card does not cover: Bloods, travel vaccines/consultations,  passport/identity letters, creche reports, school medicals,  insurance medicals,